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U-Card Printer Server for Unix and Lunix (Card Printer)
U-Card Printer Server for Unix and Lunix (Card Printer)


The protocol converter for easy card printing through Unix, Linux …….

Normally desktop card printer needs to print cards from a PC (Windows base OS) through the printer driver. For some non-windows base OS, we do not have printer drivers and we cannot drive the card printer directly.

Our UCard converter was specially engineered to eliminate the need for the PC to print card directly from Unix, Linux OS. The Unix, Linux system send the commands out to our UCard through the Ethernet network and the UCard will send the converted commands out to the Card Printer through USB.

The advantage of the UCard are tiny footprint and reliability.







General Specification
Processor 32 bit RISC processor
Interface TCP/IP
  USB (to printer)
Magnetic Stripe encoding ISO Track 1 to 3
Contact card encoding Possible
Contactless card encoding Possible (Mifare)
Printer supported Zebra P330I, P430I
  (support for other card printer may be possible)
Power 9-12VDC 2A
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